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Knowledge Base

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The purpose of the Knowledge Base corner on this Web site, or shortly referred to as FAQ, is to provide answers and clarifications on common cases when using specific products or services offered by BINETIX.

FAQ provides a user base of knowledge about the use of various BINETIX products and services.

Did you know that YOU, as a user of BINETIX products and services, can be an active participant in building the Knowledge Base?

By doing so, you will not only enrich the general knowledge base for the use of a product or service, but you will actually help all your colleagues who are also using them.

How can you participate?

By a single action - if you consider that a particular topic needs more clarification and you would like to document and explain a case for the benefit of other users, it is sufficient to post text to the address of BINETIX HELP DESK or by e-mail To help you better navigate the information you are sending, you need to register an incident not as a problem but as a TEXT (meaning: Text) and describe the case.

The BINETIX team regularly checks all your inquiries and interpretations and, after analysis, includes them as topics in the FAQs database for the product concerned.

We hope the document will be a helpful assistant in your daily work and that of your colleagues.


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